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My Name is Dennis Paulin. Like so many Albertan's I am from somewhere else. I was born in Winnipeg a long time ago. It took a long time for me to get here. I spent a bunch of years in Saskatchewan as well. But I finally made it to Alberta and I love it! The scenery is awesome! But what I love the most is the people. In Alberta people want to prosper and succeed. Sure they do that elsewhere, but those people eventually come here, or wish they had.
I like helping people. That is why I do what I do. I enjoy it. Real Estate is complex. Most people don't buy or sell property often. So there is no need to know it all. I help people like you buy or sell your home or your investment for the best price as quickly as possible. Some people like the idea of buying what they want, but not everything else. Condominiums are that for certain people. You get all the things you want, but you don't pay for all the extras you don't. You get to enjoy everything you spent your hard earned money on.
If this concept make sense to you, then if you want to sell yours, or you want to buy one, I am the perfect person  to make it happen. Call me at 403-597-6596 or email me at dpaulin@remax.net either way I will be able to help you right away.
Dennis Paulin
Dennis Paulin

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